New colleague

Interview: Aleksandra Sevic has joined our team and our MA interns have conducted an interview with her. Aleksandra has a relevant background for SIK and will be included in several of our ongoing projects.

Hi Aleksandra, welcome to our team at SIK!
You started working here on Monday this week -We hope you have had a nice start! We would like to ask you a bit about yourself.

How and when did you come to Stavanger?
I came to Stavanger in 2013 when my husband got a job as a subsea engineer in the oil industry.

What is your educational and professional background?
I hold a Masters degree in educational psychology from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. I have always been interested in industrial and occupational psychology and wanted to study behaviour and communication in a work environment, so, in 2011, I did a two-year Masters degree in organisational psychology in Bosnia. I have work experience in counselling, teaching, research and consulting.

What role has intercultural communication had in your life?
Since I come from a multireligious and multiethnic country, diversity and multiculturalism, as well as intercultural communication have been points of interest practically my whole adult life. That interest was deepened by my move to Stavanger where I have had the opportunity to experience not only a Norwegian cultural environment, but an intercultural one.

Could you tell us about an experience that has been particularly important to you?
Coming to Norway provided me with the valuable, sometimes challenging, but certainly rewarding experience of raising a bilingual child. This experience sparked my interest in the subject of second language acquisition in early childhood and in teaching strategies for second language learning at kindergarten.

What will you be doing at SIK in the coming months?
During my internship as a research assistant at SIK, I will be involved at different stages of various projects, such as UNGPOL, FAMAC, MINFAM and PAR.

Published: 2016‑08‑25