Evaluation of South-South Program

New project: In 2017, SIK will evaluate two of the Norwegian Missionary Society's projects where South-South collaboration is the main focus. The evaluation team, consisting of SIK researchers Sigurd Haus and Paul Salatou, will look  at the collaboration between churches in Mali, Cameroon, Thailand and Madagascar.

For many years, NMS' main strategy has been to send missionaries from Norway to other countries. However, in the beginning of the 2000s, NMS supported a missionary from one partner church going to another for the first time. A doctor from the Malagasy Lutheran Church (MLC) was sent to work within a hospital run by the Lutheran Church of Cameroon (EELC). Since beginning the initiative in 2000, MLC has had different mission engagements in Cameroon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Liberia, Comoros, and now also Thailand.

At the same time, in Mali, Norwegian missionaries realised that they did not have the same competence to communicate with the Fulani people as people from Africa. Being aware of the cooperation between MLC and EELC, the idea of sending African missionaries to the Fulani people was born. The first missionary from Benin to the Fulani went in 2001.
With the current evaluation being conducted, the team will give advice concerning the two projects as well as, more generally, "Give advice to NMS on how to cooperate in the South-South ministry in general to reach the goals for this kind of ministry."

The evaluation team will visit Cameroon, Mali, Thailand and Madagascar, and have interviews with key persons in the respective churches.

Illustrasjonsbilde fra Madagaskar. Kilde: fotolia
Published: 2017‑01‑23