First phase of the FAMAC project completed

Project update: One year after the FAMAC project was officially launched in Stavanger (fall 2016), the involved researchers have made a considerable progress in the project.

We are now done with the first phase of the project where we have collected over 5000 responses in a websurvey that was conducted during spring 2017 among Polish migrants in Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

Oleksandr Ryndyk, the PhD candidate involved in the project, will this fall undertake a research stay at Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) where he will work on data analyses together with our project partner in Malmö Professor Pieter Bevelander. At the same time, we will now start the phase of the project which consists of qualitative interviews with Polish migrants living in the three countries of study. We are looking forward to it!

You can read more about FAMAC here

Published: 2017‑10‑02