Conference at Gardermoen 29 – 30 January

A successful conference: From the 29-30 January, SIK organized a conference at Gardermoen for the participants of the KOMÅP project to share their experiences. KOMÅP is a capacity building initiative for people employed in "Open kindergartens", a project which SIK was commissioned by the Department of Education to develop and implement in 2017.

The conference offered an exciting and varied program. The first day of the conference focused on the social mandate of the "Open kindergartens". The development projects that the participating kindergartens had done were also presented. The second day of the conference, which was open to other people than the participants in the project, focused on the status of knowledge and development possibilities for the "Open kindergartens" in Norway. State Secretary Bjørn Haugstad (H) was one of many to hold a presentation. Approximately 200 delegates participated at the conference.

Published: 2018‑02‑14