New colleague

Back at SIK: Mateus Schweyher has re-joined the SIK team! Mateus was already in 2016 a part of the SIK team when he did a two-months internship at SIK as part of his studies for the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) at the University of Stavanger. During his internship, he became involved in the project "Doing families across Borders" (FAMAC).

Mateus has previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Liverpool, a partner of the FAMAC project. Under the supervision of Kathy Burrell he conducted qualitative interviews with Polish migrants living in Liverpool for the FAMAC project. In February 2018 Mateus became employed at SIK and conducted further qualitative interviews for the FAMAC project in Malmö, Sweden. In April 2018 he joined the SIK team in Stavanger where he is now working on both, finalizing the translation and transcribing of the interviews as well as on the analysis of the interview material. He has also started to work, together with his colleagues, on the first articles to be published within the project.

Published: 2018‑05‑14