Fred og forsoning

Fredsbygning, forsoningsprosesser, menneskerettigheter, reintegrering av tidligere barnesoldater.


Organisasjonsutvikling, styrking av det sivile samfunn, demokratiutvikling, Hiv/AIDS problematikk, menneskerettigheter.

Det flerkulturelle Norge

Det flerkulturelle samfunn, interkulturell kompetanse, migrasjon, profesjonalitet og yrkesutøvelse.

Undervisning og kurs

Interkulturell kommunikasjon, global forståelse, interkulturelt samarbeid, multikulturelle arbeidsplasser, fred og forsoning, menneskerettigheter.

Geografisk region

Norge Afrika Sør-Amerika Sør/Øst-Asia

Second phase of the FAMAC project completed

Project update: almost two years after the FAMAC project was officially launched in Stavanger (fall 2016) the researchers involved have completed the data collection and are now focusing on the analysis of the empirical material that was gathered in the past months.

Oleksandr Ryndyk and Pieter Bevelander are currently working on the analysis of the quantitative data that was collected during spring 2017 in a web survey (around 5000 respondents). Gunhild Odden, Kathy Burell, Hugrun Osk Gudjonsdottir and Mateus Schweyher are on their side working with the qualitative data. In an effort to bring qualitative and quantitative research into conversation all researchers will also work together

Exiting months of dissemination work lay ahead of us, during which we will present our findings at various seminars and conferences. In June, Gunhild, Mateus and Oleksandr presented some of their findings in an internal research seminar that took place in Krakow, Poland. In July, Mateus, Oleksandr and Pieter will be present at the IMISCOE conference in Barcelona, Spain. Finally, in July Oleksandr will also participate in the IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Brisbane, Australia.

Publisert: 2018‑06‑15